list of most popular Old medication that are still used.

Old medications

Menthol Pencil:

Menthol Pencil

It’s effective against headaches, relieves congestion and eases its freshness. Apply by rubbing the area between the eye and the ear in a circular motion (avoiding the eye area).

Dakin water:

Thi skind of medication was developed during the First World War, water Dakin was a famous antiseptic. Its composition has taken diluted bleach as an essential component.

Bee balm water:

Bee Balm

It’s effective against stress, fatigue and facilitates digestion. Also called “Carmelite water” it’s a an alcoholic preparations made of bee balm.




This medication contains a mild antiseptic. Eosin, as the Mitosyl, is used for surface wounds, and red buttocks for babies.

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