Here is How Oral Sex Can Give You Cancer


Tell-tale signs of throat cancer

TELL-TALE SIGNS OF THROAT CANCER: Throat cancer related to HPV only shows symptoms when it has developed to advanced stages. The most prominent symptom will be the development of a lump in the throat which is soar and may not heal. Men can see or feel it when they are shaving. If you are a beard-person, you may not notice it at all.

Other symptoms include pain while swallowing, pain in the ear or the neck, hoarseness or mouth ulcers or swollen lymph nodes, subtle changes to your voice, and a mild sore throat that can persist and became more painful over time, but these are typically more pronounced in people with smoking-related throat cancer.

How Can Your Protect Yourself From HPV-Related Throat Cancer?

PREVENTION: The best way to dodge HPV related throat cancer is through vaccination, but you need to meet certain criteria for that. The good news is that the cancer is 99 per cent preventable with a vaccine as only 1 per cent of cancers due to certain strains of HPV may or may not be part of the vaccination.

However, if you do not meet the vaccination criteria, you can still prevent it by limiting the number of sexual partners to up to six. When the number goes beyond six, the risk multiplies manifolds. Also, never skip on the condom even for oral sex as it can also dodge the infection to a great extent.

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