Diarrhea: How to Treat It ?


The problem of diarrhea is that it wastes a lot of water and minerals. It can be the result of food poisoning, illness or emotional shock.


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Yogurt: fermented milk bacteria can affect the intestines and give the yogurt virtues of an excellent antibiotic.

Good to know :

  • The tea has a constipating effect. We can drink it throughout the day.

Rice water: Drink 3 times a day a glass of water in which you boiled rice.

The Clay:  is an absorbent material, it protects the intestinal mucosa and normalizes transit. Its anti-inflammatory. Drink a glass of water  of clay 2 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Stir well before you drink.

Carrots: mashed and cooked well. The carrot is a good antidiarrheal because of pectin and mucilage that it contains and. Moreover, the carrots allow to recover the lost minerals.

The artichoke: This vegetable is a good remedy against foods poisoning that often cause diarrhea.

Apples:  to be eaten grated and raw (up to 500 g per day).

Quince: it can be consumed as jam, one tablespoon every day

Pastis: Pure absorbed: Pastis is effective and useful though it consists of alcohol. Our grandmothers used to use this remedy so much. Take maximum 4cl as a dose for the sake of your health.