Medicine has found solutions to the most of serious diseases. However, daily minor health troubles are still not solved by medical drugs.

It is not a question of competing with the official medicine; it would be ridiculous to do so … and dangerous too. There are circumstances where the visit of a doctor is essential. However, for an itch, a chill or sores, it is frankly not necessary.

It is not stupid to turn to the ancestral remedies, many of which were validated by science. It is not irrational to look to garlic, lemon and cabbage, old medicines that have been proved for years. Our grandmothers knew this without the need of science demonstrations and without needing to know the names of the active substances in these products, all what they used to care about were the effect of these remedies.

Today we are witnessing the harmonious collaboration of modern and traditional medicine, it is China that has the look of contemporary pharmacy shop alongside the plants, roots and ointments of all kinds, and researchers in Europe as in the United States continue to survey forests and bushes to find the plant whose miracle molecule used in the fight against cancer.

There is no need to run the countryside in search of the “simple” we have everything under our hand, abundant fruits and vegetables and essential types of oils, we suggest you just take yourself in charge of your wellness and manufacture your little revenue that you’ll then transmit to your friends because tradition, as in the past, also based on communication.


You’ll probably find in this website recipes that interest you, but you have to know that, even natural products can have disadvantages, be careful, naturopathy doesn’t offer the guarantees of drugs tested in the laboratory by the pharmaceutical industry, stand in account and, in particular, prepare your recipes with absolute hygiene.

As a kitchen is not comparable to the bench of a laboratory, the simplest recipes were selected by making into account all bases that you can find without too much trouble, good luck … and get started!