9 Foot Shapes That Reveal Secrets about Your Personality


The Roman foot

This is the most common type of foot shape that has three first toes forming a straight line. People who have such feet are usually friendly and very sociable. Back in the day it was the most common feet shape among the public figures of the Antiquity who exuded charisma. Hence, the name ‘Roman foot’ appeared.

The Peasant foot

This is one of the rarer foot shapes with all toes being the same length. A foot like that seems quite angular, but steady. People with such feet are practical, reasonable and very calm. They are trust-worthy and can be easily relied on in serious matters.

The Greek foot

Owners of this foot shape have the longer second toe that rises above all others. People with such feet are usually emotional, artistic and have a tendency to become leaders. Many athletes have Greek feet.

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