5 Things Your Preference In Bread Says About Your Personality

indian chapati


Let’s just all agree that bread is the best thing humans have ever invented. And while everyone says that eating too much of it won’t be great for your waistline, we can’t help ourselves. I mean, it’s just tastes too good to stop after having just one slice. And there’s so many kinds of bread to choose from. Speaking of kinds of bread, did you know that your preference in bread can tell a lot about your personality. It sounds weird, we know, but read up on these kinds of bread and see if your preference in it really says a lot about your character and personality.

1. Chapati: Stable and Old-fashioned

If you’re a big fan of chapati you’re a traditionalist. You like everything to be secure, stable and you’re probably slightly old-fashioned. You’re not a fan of change and new things, you just want everything to remain the same because you don’t like getting out of your comfort zone. Nothing wrong with that, it just means you have a very mature outlook on life.


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