10 Amazing Facts About The Human Brain You May Never Find In Any Textbook


4. Depression is more prevalent among the young

survey revealed that the unhappiest people in the world are aged below 30. Men and women ageing from 18 to 30 years are the ones who are more susceptible to anxiety and stress. Youth doesn’t sound as amusing and “youthful” as everyone paints it, right?

5. If you know a foreign language, it will help you make decisions

Now, that’s an interesting one! See, whenever we make decisions, we tend to be emotional about it – it comes with being human! However, if you try deciding using the foreign language, the rational part of your brain will get activated. It will ensure your decisions are more well-balanced and less risky.

6. Being tired makes you more creative

And all this long I thought tiredness only delays accomplishments! Turns out, it just may be the beginning of another huge project!

Obviously, exhaustion doesn’t allow the brain to work as efficiently as it normally would. It means we are less prone to rejecting the ideas which seem crazy at first. Also, less efficient brain activity means more creative thoughts! Hmm, makes sense why all the creativity kicks in when we are showering after a long, tiring day!

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